About us

We wish to share with you the following information about the Association.

The first managing editor of our journal, was one of the prime movers to form this association.

The Association of Mathematics Teachers of India is a registered body founded on 27th June 1965 and registered as SI43/1965 under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 on 29 October 1965. It is an academically oriented premier organization of professionals and students interested in the field of mathematics and mathematics education.


  • To assist practising teachers of mathematics at all levels in improving their expertise and professional skills making mathematics interesting and enjoyable.
  • To spot out and foster mathematical talent in the young.
  • To disseminate new trends in Mathematics Education.
  • To offer consultancy services to schools.


  • The official Journal of the Association “The Mathematics Teacher (India)” is published quarterly in English and is sent to members free. (Quarterly issued twice a year combining two at a time).
  • The Journal for students - JUNIOR MATHEMATICIAN - is published tri-annually in English before the commencement of vacation(s) and is supplied only to the subscribers through the respective schools, wherever possible. (Issued thrice a year - September, December and March).

Our Activities

  • Conducting  National Mathematics Talent Contests. ( NMTC)
  • Arranging Exposure Programmes for talented students.
  • Organising Orientation Courses, Seminars and Workshops for teachers including suggestions to equip the mathematics section of their libraries and laboratories.
  • Organizing National Conferences in different parts of the country to meet and deliberate on important issues of Mathematics Education.
  • Giving Distinguished Mathematics Teacher Award to enterprising and pioneering teachers of Mathematics.

Distinguished Mathematics Teacher Award

Recommendations and applications for the award are welcome from eligible Mathematics Teachers of distinction. They may reach the office of AMTI latest by 1st October 2015 for consideration to present the award during the 50th conference in December 2015.

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